Corporate video that inspires audiences & builds brands

A corporate video is an audio-visual corporate communication, commissioned primarily for use by a company, corporation or organization. Usually the responsibility of the marketing or communications team, it is often intended for a specific purpose in a corporate and is viewed only by a limited audience.

Corporate videos include product, service or company promotional videos, training videos and informational videos. A growth in digital technology has led to a convergence of corporate videos with other forms of media communication.

A corporate video today, may also be produced using broadcast television and TV advertising techniques and styles. A corporate video might follow popular themes, in order to engage audiences that are typically used to current media.

corporate video production company is generally responsible for converting a client brief into a script, and produce the video based on the agreed schedule and delivery date. The scale and duration of the production depend entirely upon the requirements and budget for the video.

While some videos are made possible even by the smallest crew and essential equipment, some large scale corporate videos that have similar or often higher budgets than that of TV commercials, invite levels of production on par with those of broadcast television.

Corporate Video Production Process

The corporate video production process will frequently involve the following stages:

  1. Pre-Production Stage – This is the planning phase, which includes scriptwriting and storyboarding. This phase also involves the budgeting for the whole process, between the corporate video production company and its client.
  2. Video Production Stage – This is the main execution phase including the filming of the video. This phase brings in the various elements involved in the actual filming such as a camera crew, director, and also actors and presenters if there are any.
  3. Post-Production Stage – This is the editing stage, where the filmed (live action) footage is pieced together. Any other form of editing such as audio voice-overs, visual effects, the addition of soundtracks, and/or animations takes place. This is the final stage of production, after which a completed product is handed over to the client.

Corporate Video Production Company Services for Youtube

  1. Product Promotional Video – Need a new product promoted? We do it in a way that highlights the various selling points of your product, in a way that keeps their attention hooked.
  2. 60-90 Second Corporate Video – Customer Testimonial Video – Testimonials always work, because having someone else praise your brand speaks volumes about the quality of service you provide.
  3. Corporate Recruitment Video – Videos have now become the favoured method of showing a prospective employee just how ideal it is working for you. Be it a behind-the-scenes of your company’s process, or an insight into the benefits of working with you, a video makes your company more real for potential employees.
  4. Company Profile Videos – One of the more common corporate videos, it tells your target audience about your company’s history, gives them an insight into your success, and tells them why you are the solution to their needs.
  5. Brand Films – Brand films are used to showcase how you are different from other companies providing similar services. Light on the details, these videos tell your target audience who you are and what you do.
  6. Event Videos – These unscripted and natural videos work very well to highlight the culture at your company, and is very engaging for the audience. Most corporate events, when edited while maintaining their subtlety can work very well in favor for the promotion of your brand.
  7. Case Study Video – Rather than a string of testimonials, you could have a video highlighting one particular client or the involvement of your product in that client’s success.
  8. Tour videos – The best way to put across your unique selling points is a video tour of location, which would help audiences visualize the services or products that you provide.
  9. Exhibition Videos – At any exhibition, most audiences are looking for quick and useful information, which a video can easily provide. A visual guide to the services/products that your company provides can be the factor that determines the reach you accomplished at the exhibition.